Revolutionising fuel efficiency: Introducing re4mx by Fuelre4m

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15 Feb 2024
Revolutionising fuel efficiency: Introducing re4mx by Fuelre4m

UAE headquartered sustainable energy solutions company Fuelre4m has launched re4mx, a new fossil fuel-reforming nanobiotechnology product range targeting heavily hydrocarbon-reliant industries such as power generation, ports and maritime, and the road-sea-rail transportation sector.

Developed to improve fossil fuel consumption by making it more efficient, affordable, and environmentally friendly, when added to a liquid fossil fuel re4mx breaks down impurities and complex hydrocarbons that often remain non-combusted in conventional engines.


According to Rob Mortimer, Managing Director of Fuelre4m, the 100 per cent natural vegetable esters solution has undergone five years of rigorous testing in shipping and maritime applications, ports and docks, power generation, as well as logistics, truck and bus operations, to bring it to the market-readiness stage.


Existing market solutions have largely been focused on changing the cetane and octane characteristics of fuel by adding different things to burn. Our R&D team developed individual solutions for five specific fossil fuel types with re4mx reforming the molecules by reducing unburnt emissions-producing fuel to turn it into cleaner power,” he said.


Proof of concept deployments have been concluded across a range of applications, from globe-navigating supertankers, to container terminals, quarries and mines. “Without exception, the product has demonstrated significant fuel savings above 15 per cent, as well as reducing emissions on fuel burnt by 40-80 per cent,” added Mortimer.


In addition, re4mx is being positioned as a game-changing solution to increase released power and improve the combustion efficiency of any liquid fossil fuel. Significant reductions in NO, NO2, NOx, CO, SO, SO2, and particulates, promise to deliver environmental benefits, aligning with global efforts to combat air pollution.


Fuelre4m is currently working with more than 20 clients across different industry sectors, with Mortimer reporting that the “majority” have moved from testing to deployment. This also presents an opportunity for businesses to proactively align with their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.


The company is, however, facing a brace of market acceptance challenges: a reluctance on the part of fuel suppliers to sell less fuel, and general “disbelief” in the results claimed by the company.


The power generation sector is a primary target for solution deployment with Fuelre4m confirming the successful completion of testing of African grid power solutions on MAN multi megawatt generator engines, as well as technology concept proof in direct burn steam power generators.


One of our successes has been in demonstrating that emissions generated from Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) mixed with re4mx are lower than when Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO) is burnt. Another exciting observation was that sulphur production turned to zero,” concluded Mortimer.

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